The Best Laid Plans, AIA Exhibit

The plan is the generator… a plan is an austere abstraction
—Le Corbusier (Toward An Architecture)

In teaching and in practice, my primary interest is architectural representation. The Beaux-Arts drawings that I’ve studied in depth were the impetus for this set of prints. In those drawings, and in these prints, architecture is devoid of contextual clues  and representations of plans, sections, or elevations stand alone as manifestations of component parts of a larger project.

The plan is the generator for the drawings in this exhibition. The images are realized through a process of interpretation and distillation of the original plans and elevations. To distance (to varying degrees) the drawings from their architectural roots, identifying elements such as windows, stairs, and doors have been eliminated or altered and the remaining elements emphasized and reconfigured, yielding new compositions.  These compositions, abstractions of abstractions, represent explorations of pure form and color—a commingling of architecture and art/design.